Who is Barbara Barbieri t/a Biebie Productions

This is a company which specializes solely in training “new-comers”, young or established artists in film and theatre acting, vocal production for voice-overs in commercials/radio/corporate/ring tones – the list is endless, radio/television presenting; and placement in this industry. I also cater to the general public who are looking to understand how to communicate better in public and in the work place, this also incorporates training gents and ladies who take part in the various beauty pageants run in South Africa.


The Vocal Production Course(a.k.a Elocution Course; Accent Reduction/Accent Neatralization) corrects your speech, thus eliminating any speech impediments, making you a candidate for voice over/radio/television presenting, animated film and voice overs for film/radio/commercials: you can be looking at anything from +/- R500-R1200 per script (negotionable upon, length, content etc), bearing in mind you get between 10-20 scripts a month, you are looking at a feasible amount of money. This course caters all ages, races whether in the private, corporate or public sector. This course is also used for the various candidates who enter Miss SA, Mr SA, Mrs Winelands Winter Queen and many more; in order to, help maintain apt speech, confidence development when representing SA in other countries and answering the grueling questions asked by the judges. For clients wanting to have a more American Accent for voice overs etc. I also provide Children’s Elocution/Accent reduction Courses.

The Corporate Vocal Development and Personal Development Course was developed primarily for the staff (Marketing, Human Resources, Managers etc) in the corporate sector.

Once the Intermediate Film Acting Course Training begins you will understand the basics which encompass film acting. Thereafter, if you want to refine your acting skills even more the Masters Film Acting Course will help you.

Then if your interest sways towards Theater, I would recommend the Trinity Guildhall Examinations which are excellent, considering Orlando Bloom studied through them! When you partake in this course, you will be examined by overseas examiners, which gives you productive feedback. You will also take part in theatrical productions which I have in production, and go for auditions with other institutions, who are also producing plays – all for the experience and gaining credits.

You will also be encouraged to write and produce your own material, which as an actor is a vital talent to utilize.

My main reason for devising these courses is the fact that I wanted to refine and highlight what actors today are utilizing most when acting, both for film, television and theatre. From all my years of study and working in the field I have found THAT with careful observation a pattern emerge and these are the skills which I focus on. This process has been feasible, because my students are being featured in local/overseas films, television soaps, commercials; presenting on television and radio.

The voice of an actor/civilian is a very important tool to develop, as this is your primary means of communication and therefore needs to be in peak condition. Yet I find very few people that have well rounded, developed voices. The course I have devised works on developing your vocal quality, using a drama based perspective, thus making it credible for all genres within the film industry and the corporate sector. Your voice is another aspect of your product which you can use in generating an income, either for yourself or your business. I also correct ANY speech impediments, such as, stuttering, mumbling, cleft palates, nasality, tone faults ect. When you complete the voice-over course you will go onto my database and be introduced to both overseas clients and local clients.

Pertaining to the Feminization Course there is nobody providing this unique service in South Africa. This service is for all transgenders who are in the transitioning phase. It is a one on one session where I mold your voice to establish a more feminine quality, by covering all areas of the voice.


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Voice Over/Radio Presenting Course

This course helps you to develop your voice whilst eliminating any speech impediments. The course was devised on the basis of using drama exercises (as a template), this will help you to understand all elements which constitutes correct speech. The exercises in the course focuses on combining an arrangement of concepts, which will help you, achieve great results. All the above combined will teach you how to use your voice when doing character voices, animation, soft sell, hard sell, corporate, cell phone content for TV and Radio Presenting.

Students learn: How to develop your voice using posture, relaxation + breathing; Neutralizing any accent – resonance, pitch + tone;

Eliminating any/all speech faults; Strengthening your oral muscles, Communication skills in a private, public and

corporate setting; Maximizing your vocal capacity giving you versatility and dynamics when speaking;

You will have better diction and clarity – articulation and enunciation; You will be able to use the course information

for TV/Radio presentation, Voice overs, switch board, private and public sector and corporate sector,

You will learn how to gain confidence in speech within your working environment – verbal dynamics,

Working on Soft Sell, Hard sell and corporate sell content for Voice over’s, Stretching your vocal accents for voice


COST: R2700

Duration: 15 weeks at 1hr p/w OR 7 weeks at 2hrs p/w

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Trinity Guildhall of London for Theatre

These are Internationally recognized Grade and Certificate examinations for Speech and Drama. There are various syllabi’s to consider, in which the best one for you will be explored.
Levels Include: Initial
Grade one
Grade two
Grade three
Grade four
Grade five
Grade six
Grade seven
Grade eight
A.T.C.L Performing
L.T.C.L Performing = 3 units
These are all practical examinations; however, the L.T.C.L is a three unit exam= written, practical and thesis.


Cost: Initial - grade 8 = R250 per month for a 30min slot per week
Performers - A.T.C.L = R380 per month for a 45min slot per week
L.T.C.L = R500 per month for an 1hr per week
Duration: Initial - A.T.C.L = can be done in 6 months, again this will be assessed!
L.T.C.L has to be done in a year.

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Corporate Voice and Personal Development

CORPORATE VOICE: This workshop is a brief introduction into the Vocal Production/Elocution Course; therefore, if you are interested in participating in the full course you have an idea of what to expect. This course will improve & develop your natural speech both on a public and private level. I find that most corporate’s today lack a certain amount of clarity when speaking over the phone, doing presentations and managing their staff. This workshop will help eliminates these impediments and produce a clear, natural speaking voice, which will aid them in their profession with the emphasis on excellent communication.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: This workshop is aimed at making staff aware of confidence within themselves as well as in a company setting pertaining to their position held within the company. This workshop definitely benefits all, who feel they can improve their personal growth, thus learning valuable skills to practice in the workspace and their private lives. I find that most people today lack confidence. This characteristic trait filters through to their speech; therefore, by participating in this workshop on an individual basis while reiterating the past speech workshop; this will help further eliminate any speech impediments, building confidence, which will aid them in their job with the emphasis on excellent communication.

This course was done at Getsmarter and the results were astounding, hence I have been commissioned to train their whole staff. (+/- 50 – 100 staff members)

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Children’s Course

Many young children from the ages of 8 - 15 consider acting, some prefer film and others prefer theatre. This course was developed in order to showcase both genres of acting and to introduce this to the child; whereas, they can decide if this is indeed what they want to pursue as a career. This also helps children to gain confidence indeed they are already in the industry and want to be more educated as to the semantics of what acting is all about. This course does help children in understanding how to approach a casting and/or a chosen role.
Students Learn:
Warm ups
Casting process
Commercial casting
Difference between theatre/film acting
2 forms of improvisation
Vocal levels for theatre/film
Tools needed to enhance acting
Duologue/monologue analysis
Characterization and its importance
Commercial casting
2 days at 4hrs per day
Manual, certificate

American Accent Course

I developed this course, because I found that many students/artists find it difficult to understand how to produce an accent which sounds “natural” and not too “over the top”. This course focuses on establishing a neutral sounding voice.

Students Learn: Vowel sounds, Articulation of vowel sounds; Vowel pronunciation; Breaking down vowel    sounds; Consonant pronunciation; Textual analysis; Performances: Speaking in accent for radio/television/film/theatre; Voice overs; Character voices.

Cost: R2700
Duration: 15 individual sessions at 1hr per week
Includes: Manual, certificate, demo (optional)

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Voice Feminization

I devised this course, because I found that there is a need for transsexuals who want to improve their overall vocal quality, by eliminating any negative qualities of their previous voice. It will look at various aspects concerning the vocal apparatus in general; and then, how the techniques will be utilized in the feminization process to suit your unique voice and style of speaking.
Students Learn:
Posture, Relaxation - laryngeal tension
Breathing - difference between male and female
Resonance - restore its dynamics
Pitch - stretching the range and utilizing consistency
Tone - difference between male and female
Articulation - tongue positions
Enunciation - tongue positions
Speech faults
Verbal Dynamics
Voice Feminization completely
Voice overs
Cost: R2700
Duration: 15 individual sessions at 1hr per week or 2hrs p/w for 7 wks
Includes: Manual, Maintenance Program and certificate

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Elocution/Accent Neutralization/ Reduction Course

This course helps you to develop your voice whilst eliminating any speech impediments. The course was devised on the basis of using drama exercises (as a template); this will help you to understand all elements which constitute correct speech. The exercises in the course focuses on combining an arrangement of concepts, which will help you, achieve great results, as it utilizes muscle memory to achieve longevity in your corrected accent neutralization.

Students learn: How to develop your voice using posture, relaxation + breathing;

Placement of your accent vs neutral accent – resonance, pitch + tone;

Eliminating any/all speech faults;

Communication skills in a private, public and corporate setting;

Presentation skills = how to adapt the course content and exercises to your

everyday speaking life

Maximizing your unique vocal capacity giving you versatility and dynamics

When Speaking – looking at modulation;

You will have better diction and clarity – articulation and enunciation;

Enunciation (monophthongs, diphthongs, triphthongs) is what aids as the

last skill to totally neutralize your accent giving it a well rounded sound.

You will learn how to gain confidence in speech within your working

Environment using verbal dynamics.

COST: R2700

DURATION: 15 wks @ 1hr per week OR 7 wks @ 2hrs per week

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Contact Barbara to book your slot!

Master Film Acting Course

I produced this course on the basis of enhancing everything learnt in the intermediate course. This is  very advanced, because you learn about acting/industry terminology; build on concepts already learnt, and goes into further detail concerning how acting should be utilized. You not only develop your talent, skill, emotional quality, creativity ect, but also yourself:  as acting is about creating an extension of yourself which is true to everyday life. This course culminates in a practical and written exam. Once you have completed the course it would be in your best interest to consider doing an International Exam through Trinity Guildhall of London.
Students learn:
Acting and camera terminology
Character development (quality)
Listening versus hearing
Understanding reality of emotions
Bottom lining = reactions
Rhythm and physicality
Understanding the subconscious
Psychology of mind versus character
Professionalism in your career
Weekly performances of scripts on camera
Tutor and group discussions on work presented.
Practical and written examination.
Cost: R3500
Duration:11 group sessions at 1 ½ hrs per week
Includes:Manual, certificate, practical and written exam, DVD
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